Friends' Testimonies


Give a Homeless Veteran in San Diego a Warm Sleeping Bag for Only $33!

from the San Diego Veterans for Peace

There are now almost 9,000 homeless folks in San Diego County, and many are veterans. Many of the thousand living on the streets downtown are "newly homeless" and have nothing but the clothes they are wearing. Nights can be very cold and wet.

The San Diego Veterans For Peace, a local 501-C-3 organization, began in 2010 a "Compassion Campaign" to give homeless veterans and non-veterans a warm sleeping bag and a nylon stuff sack — a life-saving gear set to help lessen their hardships of living on the streets.

SDVFP members walk the downtown streets late at night giving out gear to those most in need among all of the homeless. As of March 2016, donations have enabled SDVFP to give over 2800 sets of gear to the most needy homeless.

Your financial support can purchase a set of gear for only $33! Your contribution will help SDVFP continue this campaign another year. Donations are tax deductible if you itemize deductions.

100% of the money donated buys gear! SDVFP has no administrative or overhead expenses.

Donate on-line by credit card (www.SDVFP.org) or send checks to:


13805 Royal Melbourne Square,

San Diego, CA 92128

For more information about the campaign, go to www.sdvfp.org Or call 858-342-1964.

Friends Participate in Pride Parade '12

by the Website Committee

Many Friends from both La Jolla and San Diego meetings marched in support of marriage equality at this year's Gay Pride Parade in Hillcrest.

Martin Luther King Day Parade — Thank you for being here!

by Laura Kohl, Clerk of Peace and Social Order Committee

Yesterday, a handful of La Jolla Quakers joined thousands of people of all ages and colors to refresh the image of Dr. Martin Luther King, and to seek out his message.

I have participated in the marches and parades on this day over many years, and have observed the party atmosphere of celebrating Dr. King, but not an acceptance of what he REALLY said and what he REALLY demanded of us. In truth, in the past, many of the groups participating did not live his message of peacefulness and equality.

Yesterday was just fantastic. We had vibrant children's groups, wonderful middle and high school bands, some of those others I won't list, an ENORMOUS contingent of San Diego Vets for Peace, and an even more humongous group of the Occupy folks from all over San Diego County.

Now – THAT was a group of people spreading the actions of Martin Luther King. He gathered us all around him. No one was excluded. This eclectic group of Occupy-ers was every color, every personality, and from every background - and vibrant! It was my favorite Martin Luther King Day march/parade in a long time! And, those watching the parade from the sides thanked US for being there. It was our treasure to be there!

Reports from 'Occupy San Diego' (occupysd.org)

by the Website Committee

Please note that while many of the friends have participated in this event and share many of its goals, the meeting has not officially taken a unified position with regard to Occupy San Diego.

Pictures from Friday, Oct 28

by Laura Kohlm La Jolla Meeting

My husband Ron and I arrived about 7:30 and met up with Odell, Jim and Winnie, Ramona Dave, Forrest and Ann, and lots of other teachers, employed and unemployed, young and old, multitude of color, and dogs, all spending time in the Children's Park area. The protest will return to City Hall Saturday after 1 p.m. when the Yom Kippur ceremony inside has come to an end. Once again, Forrest and Ann were among the most stalwart - with their sleeping bags in tow.

The protest continues throughout the weekend. There was a Food Kitchen and free meals were handed out. People can contribute food, grocery gift cards, warm clothing for the night, etc. A few booths were set up but mostly, people wandered, connected, laughed, conversed, and remained hopeful that we will continue to swell and get more attention as outraged. My sign said TAX THE MILLIONAIRES AND BAIL OUT THE MIDDLE CLASS. END THE WARS NOW. Jim made a wonderful poster of the Statue of Liberty (looking a LOT like Winnie) shedding one tear.

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