Friends' Testimonies


The religious practices of Friends are founded in direct communion with God and the conviction that the Divine Light is accessible to each person; yet it is one Light, one Truth. We wait with hearts and minds open to the Divine so that Truth will be made known among us. Our corporate search for God's word is the heart of the Quaker Meeting for Worship. We believe that God, the Light, the Truth, is part of our being.We say, "there is that of God in everyone." Truth is continually revealed to us, often through a gathered mystical experience.We learn to recognize the truth by experience.

Inspiration from an Atheist

offered by Chuck Orr, La Jolla Meeting

I have needed inspiration of late and found a video and an article that has provided the food I craved. Quakers have long known that inspiration comes not only from sacred texts, ministers or priests.

Video: Richard Dawkins: We are going to die...

Article: To Live at All Is Miracle Enough

'Starry Night Meeting for Worship'

by Christina Shriver, La Jolla Meeting

Twilight colors of peach and orange, sliding into dark blue...

I sit outdoors and center into Silence.

I breathe deeply with purpose, to expel the busy-ness of the day, the week.

Quietly I seek Truth, and so I wait for God.

Gratitude is the core on which I thrive, and I am grateful for...

This wicker chair, the western hills, the pine trees, a swooping hawk.

I remember I am courageous, that courage is action in the face of fear.

I think of the ones I have lost, who loved me and left their wisdom with me.

With intention, I carefully let my defenses down...

I invite Spirit in. Then, for a fleeting and powerful moment,

Truth reveals God's blazing identity as Love, and I am wrapped in the arms of The Light.

The Light that is all encompassing, unconditional, all accepting - the miracle of Love.

Instantly humbled, I am stunned by the familiarity of the unknown.

Suddenly I realize I have briefly touched the mind of God/Spirit/Light

It is too overwhelming to be named and

I do not have the power to hold on for more than a moment.

Here in this starry night, my eyes fill...

The cleansing tears are mixed with awe and disbelief and recognition.

The Light transforms my tears into a joyful prism of Hope.

Surrounded by stars and silence and Love, I am propelled into Dawn.

© 2008 Christina J. Shriver; Used with permission.